TNC “On The Air” Presents Tuesdays Not Saturdays

By Barry Primus
May 7 – May 7


Crystal Field, Executive Director, Presents:

TNC “On The Air”

Tuesdays Not Saturdays 
Thursday, May 7 at 7:30PM by Barry Primus, Hosted by Crystal Field

In an old Russian bathhouse on the Lower East side of New York, patrons come to cleanse themselves of the dirt and struggle of a week’s work in the city. The heat is their medicine and the masseuse is their high priest. They struggle both with themselves and each other consciously, or unconsciously, seeking healing from some deep wounds as the heat rises and their dilemmas surface.

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Cast in Order of Appearance:

Raul S Julia as the Narrator
Bob Lesser as Leo

Jayson Gladstone as Saul
Mike Vlastas as Bengie
Sofia Vassilieva as Anya
David Proval as Arseniy
Eddie Kehler as Vincent
Adam Cushman as Cy
Barry Primus as Max

*Photo of “The Russian Turkish Baths.”