The Cabaret Theater

Rental Pricing: $1500/Day, or $2500/Week
Seats: up to 65

Cabaret Repertory Plot and Channel Schedule

Cabaret Lighting Inventory

  • We guarantee 25 lighting instruments for renting groups.
  • Lighting Inventory is approximate and subject to change.
  • We will supply you with these instruments. Very often, we have more and you may then use them if you supply the bulbs.
  • The Cabaret Theater has 24 1.2k dimmers controlled by a ETC MicroVision FX

The following instruments are currently available in the Community Space Theater:

6Source Four 36°575w
6Source Four PAR, WFL575w
4Source Four PARNel575w

Cabaret Sound Inventory

Please be aware that this Sound Inventory is subject to change.

SpeakersMini QSC
MixerBehringer/4 Channel/EuroRack/#UB802
Mac Mini OS X El Capitan, 10.11.6

For availability and other technical inquiries, please contact TNC at (212) 254-1109.