TNC “On The Air” presents


Written and Directed by Liz Amadio

When members of an Aryan Alliance target the Miss Rainbow America pageant to espouse their political beliefs, they take a beauty queen hostage only to find that exploitation is a boomerang.

When Mark, an Aryan leader, hatches a plan to crash the Miss Rainbow America pageant in Atlantic City, he recruits a bumbling sidekick, Raymond, for much of the dirty work.  He chooses a WASP beauty queen, Joanna, to be the plant without knowing that she is rooming with Sharise, an African-American beauty queen.  As the men hold the contestants hostage at gunpoint in their hotel room, they soon learn that the beauty queens are staging a coup of their own.

CAST: Glenora Blackshire, Katherine Elliot, Claude Isbell, Charlie Romanelli, Justine Wiles

Joanna – Katherine Elliot
Mark – Charlie Romanelli
Raymond – Claude Isbell
Sharise – Justine Wiles
Narrator – Glenora Blackshire


by Dan Moldovan
directed by Trent Daniels

12th Century Europe. Temperatures are rising as the Midsummer Solstice approaches. Creatures big and small in the Dark Woods outside Stoneshearth are preparing their festivities as the sun begins to set. The air is warm, sweet, and ripe with anticipation.

Litha marks the longest day and shortest night of the calendar year. While celebrating the bounty of summer and abundance of light on the solstice, we must also acknowledge the upcoming warm nights of summer will only grow longer and darker…what hides in the growing shadows staring back at us as we look to the horizon?

Nicole Neurohr as Osrin
Scott Long as Ephrim
Emily Miller as Martha
Shannon Felletter as The Witch


with Ego Actus Production Co.

by John Mark Lucas
directed by Joan Kane

DIVA THERAPY – Cher, Bette, Diana, Barbara, and Liza walk into a therapist’s office…

Featuring: John Cencio Burgos, David Drumgold, Terry Hanson, Steve Hauck, Everett Quinton, Douglas Rowan, Jimmy Tompkins


Written by Gay Walley
Director Shela Xoregos

Highlights from Gay Walley’s new comedy, Condo Rondo include a condo Board’s obsession with personality rather than honesty and a woman’s choice between a charming misogynist and a warm monogamist.

Peter Sullivan as the Narrator
Jill Melanie Wirth* as Jacqueline
Jason Dietz* as Steve
Shah Motia as Jack
Gene Santarelli* as Joerg
Michael A. Green as Jerry
Jenna Roach as Marion
Abigail Grizzle as Lila
*appearing courtesy of Actors’ Equity AssociationThe Xoregos Performing Company

The Boy Who Listened to Paintings

The Boy Who Listened to Paintings

Written by Dean Kostos and Paul Kirby
Composer and Musical Director Paul Kirby
Directed by Lissa Moira
Technical Director Roy Chang
Nicky’s LSD Trip video created by Alan J. Hanna

Hosted by John David West

In The Boy Who Listened to Paintings (which takes place in 1962-1970) the young protagonist is bullied to the brink of suicide for being other, for being gay. The trajectory of this musical 🎶 is one of achieving hard-won acceptance. The audience will follow Nicky’s journey and share in his joy as art becomes his salvation.

James Parks
Moore Theobold
Donovan Kirmser
Jonathan Fox Powers
Darcy Dunn
Zachary Harris Martin
William Broderick

Alejandra Bachman
Anthony Cedeno
Paige Cutrona
George Flowers
Cameron Mitchell Mason
Lissa Moira
Bennett Pologe
Justin Rodriguez
Sarah Sirota
Mary Tierney
Chase Wolfe
Amanda Yachechak
featuring the voices of Elizabeth and Lee Tomboulian


Playwright & Founder of the ABC Fulton Foundation, Andrea J. Fulton
Director, Passion
Lighting/Sound/Technical Director, Carleton King
Production Assistant, Lourdes Delgado Fernandez

Two short works about acceptance and common ground

Set in front of an animal clinic in a gentrified neighborhood, this short play explores common perceptions and values. Find yourself thinking about stereotypes and realize how quick you are to judge others. Allow these thoughts to be challenged. Sometimes it’s our differences that bind us and sometimes it’s our similarities. Regardless, we can and do come together, at times, unexpected.

Nirvan Patnaik
Guy Barfield
Shireen Donner
Tom Martin
Antwain Lewis
Laura Spaeth


A Public Conversation about a Private Monologue
Three people, of different gender and gender expressions, each take turns conveying a personal monologue in which they express a truth they have in common. Each is in love with a man and finds pure security and comfort in him, at least in slumber. We experience how people who live in vastly polar realities can have identical hopes, find identical comfort, and be haunted by identical fears.

Gaynelle T. Jasper
Helene Galek
Larry Stephen Hines
Sheikh Muhtade

Her Tennessee Waltz

a new radio play by Toby Armour
directed by George Ferencz

Armour’s play dramatizes Carrie Chapman Catt’s leadership of the final effort to secure women’s right to vote through ratification of the 19th Amendment.  Catt’s mentor, Susan B. Anthony, had spent a lifetime fighting for women’s suffrage. Dying in 1906, Anthony never saw the end of the struggle, but she never doubted. “Failure is impossible” were her words. The play is set in 1920 when the battle continued under Catt.  The 19th Amendment, giving women suffrage, is coming to a vote in a special session of the Tennessee legislature. If Tennessee, the 36th state, ratifies it, the Amendment will finally become the law of the land after 87 years of struggle.

Campaigning takes place during the sweltering days of August in Nashville. The opposition, led by a coalition of Southern belles and corporate lobbyists, is powerful. Double-dealing, threats, bribery, slander are all part of the action. Carrie Chapman Catt is fighting the battle of her life. It all comes down to one roll call vote in the Tennessee legislature.  The suspense is hair-raising as the play shows us–up close and historically–how near the country came to never allowing women to vote.

Richarda Abrams*
John Barilla*
Gregory Marlow
Susan Patrick*
Karen Sunde*
Jenne Vath*
and the Announcer is Dan Kelley
* Actors appear courtesy of Actors’ Equity
Incidental music is written and performed by Peter Dizozza
assistant director, Karen Oughtred

You Are Perfect

You Are Perfect by Cyndy Marion, directed by  John Desotelle.

Set in Susan Atkins’ prison cell on the eve before a key moment in the Manson murder trial, You Are Perfect is a theatrical reimagining of the Manson Family member’s life and inner demons, hurtling through time and space while questioning allegations of murder and deceit.

CAST: Nancy Wolfe, Emily DeSotelle,
and Daniel Yaiullo


Dermalogic by Robert Kirkendall.
Directed by Byron C. Saunders.

The owner of a small skincare company signs a deal with a major retailer, but the suddenness of her decision throws the company into disarray. Some wonder if their small company can handle such a large order, others worry about getting swallowed up by a larger corporate entity and losing their brand, and the rank and file are dreading layoffs and workplace relocation. People jockey for position, alliances are made, and infighting increases and Dermalogic transforms from a small company into a larger player in the skincare field, and in the end, their hierarchy is reformed in an unexpected way.

Steve Capasso, Rick
Rick Kuhn, Carl
Karen Blagmon, Kayla
Estelle Piper, Ellen
Matt Matthews, Stansfield
Lori River, Monica
Carrie Wesolowski, Mandy
Odysseus Bailer, Steve
Liam Bobersky, Brody
Cathie Boruch, Joelle
Timothy Regan, Devin

Valentine’s TLC from TNC

Lissa Moira, curator and director
Roy Chang, technical director

Valentine’s TLC from TNC a glorious cornucopia of performances illuminating the many aspects of love in Theater, Music, And Poetry.  A Valentine’s Day present to you from Lissa Moira and many of her wonderful extraordinarily gifted friends.

List of Performers in Alphabetical Order:
William Broderick
Paige Cutrona
Darcy Dunn
Inma Heredia
Marlena Mack
Susan Mitchell
Lissa Moira
James Parks
Bennett Pologe
Jonathan Fox Powers
Mark Singer
Sarah Sirota
Jiggers Turner
Richard West
Amanda Yachechak

PULL THIS OUT! or A Play About Nerds

Dan Moldovan, playwright
Trent Daniels, director

‘PULL THIS OUT! or A Play About Nerds’ is a modern escapist comedy set in an alternate universe that COVID, Tonald Drump, and his flying monkeys have never touched. Meet TYLER— Tyler has a date tonight and enlists the help of his longest running best friend, and poster boy for mastery of social skills, CHRIS. CHRIS is the Ying to TYLER’s Yang and knows him better than anyone which works to TYLER’s benefit (and detriment) in preparation for his date this evening.

Full of twists, turns, unforgettable characters, and banter, ‘PULL THIS OUT!’ is guaranteed to put a smile on your face at a time where it often feels like happiness is a chore. As any nerd would tell you, we are all superheroes constantly fighting our own personal nemeses. No matter who or what they may be, the fight for yourself is always worthwhile. I hope you join us on January 28th for a night of joy, escape, and diversity.

Jordan Dallam* as Tyler
Joya Richmond* as Tasha
Dan Moldovan as Chris
Josh Greenblatt* as Givenchy
Fiona White as Ellen
Sean Welsh Brown reading Stage Directions
* denotes a member of Actor’s Equity Association

(This show is a celebration of everyone but will most appropriately be enjoyed by humans 16+ for language)


A Play By Gary Morgenstein
Directed by Joan Kane

In the funny new post-pandemic drama, Harold Wilson, a gruff, conservative African American senior, has finally reopened his East Village newsstand following the coronavirus lockdown. Then an exorbitant rent increase forces him to close after 30 years and reluctantly retire to Florida with his niece. Enter Albie Sands, an eccentric 1960s Jewish radical, who persuades Harold to fight the landlord. Overcoming their many differences, Harold and Albie form a powerful and unlikely friendship to confront corporate greed – and prejudice.

*These actors are members of Actors Equity
Morry Schorr is Albie Sands
Roslyn Seale* is Carol Wilson
Julie Pham* is J.N. Pham
Mansoor Najee-ullah* is Harold Wilson
Chris Collins-Pisano* as Mitchell Reed

A BLACK AND WHITE COOKIE is a production of Ego Actus (Bruce A! Kraemer, producer)

Everything Dark in this World

EVERYTHING DARK IN THIS WORLD is a comedic play about coming to terms with the choices we’ve made in life and trying to find out if there’s still time for a second chance. DELIA and ROY – neighbors for many years on the same Manhattan block – have a complicated relationship, it’s friendly, but also fraught with years of personal history. DELIA is the sum of all her anxieties which leads to several questionable decisions and ROY is an old soul struggling with painful inner demons. Told in three distinct sections, with tons of humor and heart, we follow their intertwined lives as ROY tries to save DELIA from making the same mistakes he did.

Julie Hays, playwright
Brian J. Carter, director

Stacie Morgain Lewis, DELIA
Tom Ashton, ROY
Ricardo Vazquez, CONNOR
Brian J. Carter, THE DOCTOR
Eve Plumb, ANNETTE
Stage Directions read by Justin Dusenbury

The Dying Room

by John Wesley Braswell

Thursday, December 17 @ 7PM EST

The dying room is a room in a nursing home where for some reason the elderly often die. Elijah a patient in the room sits and waits as his own is being cleaned. Here he wrestles with death, his past, his ghosts, and his demons as they become flesh and blood reminders of his triumphs and failures. The dying room reminds that one life does not matter, except if it happens to be your life.

Elijah is Jason Laws
Ben is James Ealy
Stanley is Allen Porterie
Delores is Monique Pappas
Susan is Antonia Badon
Rhonda is Elizabeth Perez
Jamal is Benny Flames
Isabel is Daria Jones
Narrator/Directed by Greg Freelon
Assistant to the Playwright, Felicia Clark

Holiday TLC from TNC: theater, music, and poetry

Lissa Moira, Curator/Host
J. Alan Hanna
, Technical Director

Holiday TLC from TNC: theater, music, and poetry.  The show will be a sparkling variety pack of holiday-themed performances, by an extraordinarily talented group of players. The theater pieces will range from powerful to cynical to sweet. The music from classical to ragas, to carols to pop. And some highly original poetry. If you are a fan of TNC and Lissa’s you will be familiar with many of the names she is thrilled to present. The happiest of UnTrump holidays to us all!

Full List of Acts Alphabetically:
Louisa Bradshaw
William Broderick
Paige Cutrona
Inma Heredia
Susan Mitchell
Lissa Moira
Bennett Pologe
Jonathan Fox Powers
Jiggers Turner
Peter Welch
Richard West
Amanda Yachechak

1953: Race For The Summit

Written and performed by Om Raj Raut

A solo play, 1953: Race For The Summit is the story of the mountaineer Tenzing Norge, who was able to climb Mount Everest on his seventh attempt.  The story focuses on the night before reaching the summit.

A brief bio of the playwright:

Om Raj Raut is a playwright/performer. He wants to bring his diversity in the international platform from a diverse cultural background where he has learned English as his fourth language. His work has been seen Off-Broadway at AlfaNYC theatre, Kolkata Theatre festival India, and his home country Theatre. While studying BA in Theatre at the City University of New York, He has performed in many productions at Marian Anderson Theater and BMCC Tribeca Performing Center, New York.

My Dinner with Mary

Broadway veterans, Mary Ellen Ashley and Mary Tierney both have had quite successful and satisfying careers. Now in their golden years, Mary invites Mary Ellen to dinner to question why they didn’t stay close. What caused them to become estranged? Was it guilt from an illicit affair? Or envy that caused betrayal? Yet after sorting through some cloudy memories, the truth comes out. Or does it? When they start sharing moment-to-moment intimacies, Mary proposes that they collaborate on a play about their lives. Mary Ellen agrees but thinks it should be a musical. In the process of creating their legacy project, their bond begins to grow stronger. Fact, fiction, fantasy, and frustration all blend together in a bittersweet tale of two actors trying to find meaning at this stage of their lives. What results are touching and totally unpredictable.

Coni Koepfinger, playwright
Byron C. Saunders, director
Jak Prince, stage manager
Joe Izen, composer
featuring, Mary Tierney & Mary Ellen Ashley

*Approx. 90 minutes

My Country ’tis of Thee by Walter Corwin

My Country ’tis of Thee by Walter Corwin contains 5 short comedies that try to fulfill the great playwright Clifford Odets’ dictum: “The drama should shoot like bullets.” Corwin’s plays, presented in this “emergency production” before the 2020 presidential election, comment on the chaotic situation in order to “get out the vote.” WALTER CORWIN, playwright; WILL CORWIN, producer; FORREST GILLESPIE, director; featuring: BRIDGET FIDLER & AKIVA SAUNDERS; Hosted by John David West

(An Absurdist Virtual Ending to LOCKDOWN 2020)

For those of you who tuned into Frank J. Avella’s LOCKDOWN 2020, we are presenting a Special Virtual Epilogue to the play. Frank is grateful to TNC and Crystal Field for the opportunity to continue his work-in-progress.  (Please note the 11-min. piece can also be viewed as a stand-alone)

Featuring: Marc Lombardo, Nicholas Turturro & Cali Gilman.
With stage & tech directions by John David West.

LOCKDOWN 2020 (Love and Corona)
a work-in-progress by Frank J. Avella

Galia and Tom haven’t connected with one another in a while. While on COVID lockdown, Galia decides to confronts Tom about their lack of intimacy and discovers disturbing info he’s been hiding about his relationship with his queer best friend, Danny.
Starring: Carlotta Brentan & Marc Lombardo

Why Can’t You Sat It and Ay Corona
by Barry Primus

Why Can’t You Say It:

A night in a motel on their way to a tense family get together forces a long-married couple to, once again, navigate their differing emotional needs, leading them to find new insights and refreshed love.

Man- Barry Primus
Woman- Lisa Richards
Written by Barry Primus
Directed by Todd Felderstein

Ay Corona:

Two people who started a relationship in the time of Coronavirus over the Internet are forced now, because of a renewed lockdown, to do something they’ve never really done before: talk.  In doing so, they find out about who they’ve actually become involved with.

Jonathan- Kevin Kelly
Molly- Delissa Reynolds
Written by Barry Primus
Directed by Barry Primus

Larry and Lucy
by Peter Welch

Larry and Lucy Larry is a worn-out, 63-year-old street muralist who now barely supports his meager, one-room Hollywood existence by driving for Uber. Lucy is a fragile Kansas City teen runaway looking to beat a heroin addiction. After a few chance meetings the two embark on a series of misadventures that help them gain insight into their troubled lives, yet also reminds them of the difficulties they’ll face when trying to overcome their deep-rooted afflictions. 

Celebration of 100 Years of Women’s Suffrage
Directed by Lissa Moira, assistant director Alan Hanna

1920-2020 In a time when all Americans’ suffrage is threatened, it is important that you join us for a celebration of the hundredth anniversary of the passage of Women’s Suffrage and the struggle to win it.

Included will be speeches and scenes and articles, letters and songs that highlight moments from the life and times of such prominent suffragists as Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Ida B. Wells, Susan B. Anthony, Mary Church Terrell and more.

Featuring:  Vinie Burrows, Crystal Field, Phoebe Legere, Lissa Moira, Paulina Brahm, and Alan Hanna.

Assistant & Technical Director:  Alan Hanna
Director & Dramaturge:  Lissa Moira

Knock ‘Em Dead!
Written by Jim DeMarse, directed by Mary Tierney

Snappy is a made-up name for this comedian. It could be a clown name but he likes it and he needs it to make his mark. For so many pathetic years he has played in two-bit clubs in Brooklyn, Jersey, Bronx, Queens, and Tuxedo Park.

Then one night through every fault of his own, he becomes entangled with a mob gang similar to “the gang that couldn’t shoot straight” or spell straight, not sure. They believe that Snappy has info about a corrupt politician that could make them rich – not Donald Trump by the way. The play basically revolves around a farcical chase to kidnap Snappy and hold him for ransom for some reason that makes absolutely no sense. He meets a girl that really makes no real sense either, so at that point of the story he thinks he’s in love as if you can “think” whether you are in love of not. So, he dives head first into an empty pool. This provides a smattering of laughs along with some head wounds. In the end we hope that love contains the great cosmic laugh or at least a method on how to get it. If this is not puzzling, then something is wrong.

Cast: Marty Shakar, Bob Adrian, David Elyha, Alex Elmaleh, Mary Tierney, Sarah Maria Lafferty, Aedin Moloney, Pat Macnamara

Café Resistance
written by Roberto Monticello, directed by Lissa Moira

The year is 1939, the city is Paris, the Nazis are on the march, and the Occupation is about to begin. All of Paris holds its breath. Nothing and no one will be left untouched. Least of all the denizens of the “Blue Parrot” Yes the setting and the center of the action in “Cafe Resistance “ is the “Blue Parrot” a seedy cafe/cabaret/brothel, boasting an international array of ladies of the evening and oddball habitues. When the”Blue Parrot” is commandeered by the Nazis strictly for the pleasure of their officers, intrigue and politics abound, and life and death situations arise.  At the heart of it all is Louise, a dancer turned cashier who is hiding her Jewish identity and is desperate to protect her child, whom she has hidden outside of the city. Mr. Monticello wishes to dedicate his play to the women of the Resistance whom he feels have been given short shrift by history.   

Our Cast in Alphabetical Order

Louisa Bradshaw, Paulina Brahm, William Broderick, Izzy Church, Paige Cutrona, George Flowers (the former voice of NY1) Alan Hanna, Inma Heredia, Zander Kirby, Marlena Mack, David “Zen” Mansley, Susan Mitchell, Lissa Moira, James Parks, Jonathan Fox Powers, Amanda Yachechak  

The Statement
written by Claude Solnik, directed by JD Glickman

The Statement follows the Board meetings via Zoom of a small, local theater group amid the coronavirus virus and the murder of George Floyd, other crimes and ensuing protests. The group decides whether and what to say in a statement that supports Black Lives Matter.  A black Board member, a successful black actor who returns and some others in the group want more than words. But when a statement itself, written by a member of the group, gets posted, they find themselves facing their own revolution. What is the role of theater in the country and community? “The Statement” looks at theater, community theater, fairness from the streets to the stage, racism, protests from the Edmund Pettus Bridge (still named for a Confederate general) to the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges and diversity in a play written specifically for Zoom. 

Cast: Ed Altman, Atticus Cain, Michele Cannon, Albert Insinnia, Chaz McCormack, Dan Purcell, Deborah, Kruel Rupy

The White Blacks
written by Melanie Goodreaux

Melanie Maria Goodreaux’s latest play takes place in the 1970s and addresses the complicated racial distinctions that plague one New Orleans family with a line of lighter skinned African-Americans that “pass for white.” They “pretend” to be white to reap the benefits that come with ‘whiteness’ but at what cost? The gamut of blackness is brought up by this honest look at colorism in New Orleans.  Love lives long, and here romance, family secrets, and generational curses get all mixed up in Alva’s gumbo!

Cast: Renee McNeil, Kristina King, Marsha-Ann Hay, Hollie Harper, Shyla Idris, Marcos Palma, India Stachyra, Linda Greene, Anthony Harper, Jonathan Eddy Duran, Hector Lincoln, Christine Sloan-Stoddard, Neena Phillips, Stacey Griffin, Albert Iturregui-Elias, Dan Kelley, Frances Suro, Alexander Yuille

I Will Never Clean My Room and The Cry
written by William Electric Black

Raising a Revolutionary
written by Eva Dorrepaal

With a criminal record and a vengeful ex-husband, Rachael Faucett attempts to keep food on the table and prepare her son – Alexander Hamilton – for the harsh realities of the 18th century Danish West Indies.


Written and performed by: Eva Dorrepaal
Costume: Wasima Hussain
Historical Advisor: Jimmy Napoli
Technical Director: John David West
Special Thanks: Francisco Cardozo, Kika Child, Crystal Field, Asja Jung, Vincent Kyne, Robin Menikoff, Chloe Perrier and the new discoveries of Rachael Faucett’s life analyzed in the book “Discovering Hamilton” by Michael E. Newton.

Ella the Ungovernable
written by David McDonald, directed by Melania Levitsky

ELLA THE UNGOVERNABLE a play about 15 year-old Ella Fitzgerald’s incarceration and escape from Hudson, NY’s, Training School For Girls in 1933, will make its worldwide debut in a ZOOM and YouTube live streaming performance presented by Theater For The New City on Thursday night, May 28, 2020, at 7:00pm.

Very little is known about her incarceration except that she is presumed to have escaped after less than a year at the institution and she won the first-ever Amateur Night At The Apollo Theater shortly thereafter, commencing a swift rise to fame. 

Hamlet in Harlem
written by Alberto Ferreras, hosted by John David West

Hamlet in Harlem the story of a young writer who holds a table reading to fund his urban adaptation of Shakespeare’s masterpiece. In the process, fiction and reality intertwine creating a politically incorrect comedy that questions media stereotypes, gender roles, cultural appropriation, and the relevance of classic theater. 

A comedy of errors
About a tragedy of errors

The cast in order of appearance: Armando Riesco, Lou Liberatore, Shirley Rumierk, Olga Merediz, Avner Kam, Kadine Anckle, John Herrera, Francisco Solorzano

Tuesdays Not Saturdays
written by Barry Primus

In an old Russian bathhouse on the Lower East side of New York, patrons come to cleanse themselves of the dirt and struggle of a week’s work in the city. The heat is their medicine and the masseuse is their high priest. They struggle both with themselves and each other consciously, or unconsciously, seeking healing from some deep wounds as the heat rises and their dilemmas surface.

The cast in order of appearance: Raul S. Julia, Bob Lesser, Jayson Glastone, Mike Vlastas, Sofia Vassilieva, David Proval, Eddie Kehler, Adam Cushman, Barry Primus

Susan B. and the Tennessee Waltz
written by Toby Armour, directed by George Ferencz

2020 is Susan B. Anthony’s 200th birthday and the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment.  The play celebrates her life and the lives of those who struggled with her in the long battle for women’s suffrage.  Susan B., Nellie Bly, and the fight for women.

The cast includes: Lissa Moira, Richarda Abrams, Gregory Marlow, and Jenne Vath

Poetry in the Age of COVID-19, Spotlight: Briana Bartenieff

New Ideas, New Vision, New Work. 

Crystal Field is going to have a conversation with her grand-daughter, Briana Bartenieff, a published poet who is a first-time freshman at Purchase College. They are going to talk about what it’s like to be Briana at a time like this and Briana is going to read her poems. They’re all about now – all newly written.

Orville Station
written by Frank J. Avella (Vatican FallsLured & Consent)

Orville Station delves into that dark, festering world that lies beneath the picture-perfect suburban towns in America where boredom and the false promises of a better life have left some folks feeling “cheated and betrayed,” to quote Nathanael West from THE DAY OF THE LOCUST.

Lenny is a 25-year-old screenwriter wannabe whose one script was met with universal rejection. He and his friends travel to NYC each weekend to alleviate some of the dullness of life in the fictional town of Orville, NJ. Into their complacent lives burrows the mysterious Chizzy who convinces Lenny that he must do, “something drastic” if he wants to succeed. Orville has the dubious distinction of most train deaths per year in the Garden State (stats based on a real Jersey town). Orville Station is set post-COVID-19 and examines the fear and anxiety that comes with potential change. Dreaming is safe but actively pursuing that dream can often provide the ultimate terror.

The cast includes: Alice Barrett Mitchell, John DiMino, Michael Ford, Cali Gilman and Marc Lombardo as Chizzy with Technical Direction and Narration by John David West.