Virtual International Indigenous Earth Day Festival

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Virtual Indigenous Festival during the celebration of Earth Week in NYC.
Festival Internacional Indigena durante la semana de celebración del Día de la Tierra en Nueva York.

A one hour pre-recorded compilation of Indigenous artists from all over America composed of slots from 5 to 8 minutes.

The participants belong to Indigenous tribes in the US as: Blackfeet from Colorado (4), Hopi/ Navajo from South Carolina(1), Mexicha from California (3).From South America, Colombia: Wayuu from La Waijiira (8), Yanacona from Cauca (5) and the children Indigenous orchestra Embera from Antioquia (20) and from Argentina: composer Juan Namancura, Mapuche. Plus 3 different Indigenous dance companies with amazing scenic video work, sound, choreography, and lighting: Dancing Earth, directed by Rulan Tangen (Metis) from New Mexico, Coopdanza, Inc/Colombia, and Pies del Sol Dance Theater in collaboration with Mexican composer Gabriela Ortiz interpreted by Quartet Q Arte, inspired on Pastos Culture from Nariño from Colombia.

Participants are all ages, from 6 years old to adult.