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Village Halloween Costume Ball 2019
By: Theater for the New City
Directed By: Crystal Field
October 31
Outside on 10th 4:00PM, Doors Open 7:30PM

Cabaret ALL Evening!
Miracles & Monsters!
Costume Parade &Prizes!
Hot Food and Hot Entertainment!
Swing and Latin Bands for Dancing!

Come to the most Fabulous Night of your Life!!!

PRESS RELEASE: Village Halloween Costume Ball 2019
By: Theater for the New City
Directed By: Crystal Field
October 31
Outside on 10th 4:00PM, Doors Open 7:30PM

Nonstop theater, a costume competition, and ballroom dancing will bewitch the East Village in Theater for the New City's 43rd annual Village Halloween Costume Ball on Thursday, October 31 at TNC, 155 First Avenue. This unique festival continues as a grand coming-together for real witches, everyday New Yorkers and artists alike. An explosive fall tradition, the event is held annually on the actual night of Halloween and celebrates artistic creation and fertilization.

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By: Walter Corwin
Directed By: Forrest Gillespie
October 10 – October 27
Thursday, Friday, Saturday at 8PM, Sunday 3PM

The husband-and-wife team of Sarah and Scott Lilly (Scott most recently portrayed a hell-bound President Trump in the annual TNC Street Theater) play all the roles and are directed and accompanied on autoharp by Forest Gillespie, founder of the Dome theater and Co-founder of Spectacle theater in Williamsburg. These short pieces shamelessly break the 4th wall,  travel through time towards dystopia, and reel in ICE fearing fortune fortune-tellers.  The scene is set in a traditional underground candle -on-the-cafe-table cabaret, music is provided by Scott Lilly and Forrest Gillespie, and Sarah Lilly singing new songs by the Playwright. Audience members are encouraged to kick back and enjoy, but keep an eye open and look over their shoulders for Big Brother, who might arrive at any moment.

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One Eyed King
By: Roman Primitivo Albear
Directed By: Roman Primitivo Albear
October 17 – October 27
Thursday, Friday, Saturday at 8PM, Sunday at 3PM

It is the Year 3333 the planet is dying, artificial intelligence is controlling the planet. In the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City live a couple with a servent and in Central Park now called city park live poor people. A rebel group of hackers is attempting to create a stargate to save the rest of humanity. Will the rebels complete the task in the time left?

October 17 – October 27
Thursday, Friday, Saturday at 8PM, Sunday at 3PM

This October, in celebration of Butoh's 60th Anniversary, the New York Butoh Institute Festival 2019 is proud to present bold butoh works by 13 female dancers from Japan, Columbia, Norway, Italy, Germany, France, and the U.S.

Curated by butoh artist Vangeline, the Festival will consist of an exciting program of butoh workshops and masterclasses, as well as seven nights of groundbreaking performances presented by Theater for the New City, taking place between October 17 and 27th, 2018.

Top photo with the text: Tove-Elena Nicolaysen. Photo by Audun Bacic

Soup or Heroes
By: Joey Rotter
Directed By: Hazen Cuyler
October 18 – October 20
Friday and Saturday Night at 8pm, and Sunday at 3pm

Soup Or Heroes is a one-act play certain to make you laugh: Two friends write the next big superhero film together. Will this hero have flight? Or super strength? Tights? Or a cape? Can they agree? Or will the forces of darkness drag them into mediocrity? "Soup Or Heroes" takes on the superhero genre and the giant cartoon sized bags of money that await anyone who gets the script writing formula just right. (PG-rated)

New City, New Blood Reading: Broken Dolls
By: Melisa Tien
Directed By: June Prager
October 21
October 21, 2019 at 7PM

The play, with the working title “BROKEN DOLLS”, looks at the backgrounds and trajectories of women who have been trafficked for sex work, domestic labor, hotel work, and farm work.

The Whites
By: William Electric Black
Directed By: William Electric Black
November 7 – November 24
Thursday, Friday, Saturday at 8PM, Sunday at 3PM

"The Whites" takes us into a universe where the races are flipped and Whites are actually citizens of an ethnic underclass that is dominated by African-Americans. We watch the Caucasian family of Harris and Rasheeda White contend with gun violence, school segregation and the aftermath of prison. For this family and their surrounding community, the everyday experiences of economic, political and social injustice are imposed by Blacks.

A Life In The Rye
By: Claude Solnik
Directed By: Joe John Battista
November 7 – November 24
Thursdays through Saturdays at 8:00 PM, Sundays at 3:00 PM

“A Life In The Rye” looks at J.D.Salinger's life and the impact that “Catcher In The Rye” had on him, his fans, fanatics obsessed with the book and the world. The play gives insight into possible reasons that Salinger retreated from society after writing what became one of the best-selling books of all time.

By: Tom Attea; Music by Arthur Abrams
Directed By: Mark Marcante
November 7 – December 1
Thursday, Friday, Saturday at 8PM, Sunday at 3PM

Hooked on Happiness is the new musical about the members of a senior-high-school drama class who decide to create their own show about climate change, instead of putting on the usual shows the drama teacher has recommended. When the teacher sees some of the lyrics they’ve developed, she is impressed and gives them permission to present the show.

By: Charles Busch (Based on an idea by Charles Busch and Andy Halliday)
Directed By: Carl Andress
December 16
Monday, 8PM

Special 21st Annual Holiday Edition of the Staged Reading of the Hard-Boiled Christmas Fantasy!


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THEATER FOR THE NEW CITY (TNC) is a Pulitzer Prize-winning community cultural center that is known for its high artistic standards and widespread community service. One of New York’s most prolific theatrical organizations, TNC produces 30-40 premieres of new American plays per year, at least 10 of which are by emerging and young playwrights. Many influential theater artists of the last quarter century have found TNC’s Resident Theater Program instrumental to their careers, among them Sam Shepard, Moises Kaufman, Richard Foreman, Charles Busch, Maria Irene Fornes, Miguel Piñero, Jean-Claude van Itallie, Vin Diesel, Oscar Nuñez, Laurence Holder, Romulus Linney and Academy Award Winners Tim Robbins and Adrien Brody. TNC also presents plays by multi-ethnic/multi-disciplinary theater companies who have no permanent home. Among the well-known companies that have been presented by TNC are Mabou Mines, the Living Theater, Bread and Puppet Theater, the San Francisco Mime Troupe and COBU, the Japanese women’s drumming, and dance group.TNC  also produced the Yangtze Repertory Company’s 1997 production of BETWEEN LIFE AND DEATH, which was the only play ever produced in America by Gao Xingjian before he won the 2000 Nobel Prize for Literature. TNC seeks to develop theater audiences and inspire future theater artists from the often-overlooked low-income minority communities of New York City by producing minority writers from around the world and by bringing the community into theater and theater into the community through its many free Festivals. TNC productions have won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama and over 42 OBIE Awards for excellence in every theatrical discipline. TNC is also the only Theatrical Organization to have won the Mayor’s Stop The Violence award.