Singing in the ER

By Ruby Lynn Reyner
April 30 – April 30
7:00 PM

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Theater for the New City, Crystal Field, Executive Director presents


Monday, April 30th 7pm

$5 suggested

Singing in the ER by Ruby Lynn Reyner

The reading presentation is directed by Ruby Lynn Reyner

I was inspired by my husband’s & my experiences with hospitals (which shall remain anonymous)

I realized that the only way to deal with the tragic suffering of being hospitalized for life threatening illness is with humor. 

I am utilizing the theatrical training that I received from John Vacarro & the Playhouse of the Ridiculous.

I spent over 20 years performing in this theater which led me to write my own shows; Singing in the Island & Christmas in the Island. I was also inspired to create “Voidville” with my partner, Gordon Bressack which debuted at the original TNC & was produced by Crystal Field. 

I survived open heart surgery (3 times) & the death of my dear husband (after a 10 year illness) to carry on this theatrical statement with this talented cast. 


Ruby Lynn Reyner* (OO Zing, Amanda Reckonwith), Sara Cook (narrator, Stage Manager), Richard Craven* (Dr. Shlong), Bill Johnson* (Scabby), Robin Brenner*(Nurse Dynell), Joyce Miller (Jennifer), Samantha Brenner (ass woman), James Lorenzo* (Herve) , Xan Aspero (Blue Guy) &  Gerry Visco (Doomskya)


musicians: Suzie Lampert (keyboard), Mary Rodriquez (percussion)
Ruby Lynn Reyner performs as an actress, singer, song writer and comedienne since she first came to NYC as a teenager. Searching for a niche of her own, she aspired to be like her idols of Hollywood like Lucille Ball, Betty Hutton, and Mae West. Ruby always felt like the stage was her home.In the 1970’s, Ruby walked into a rehearsal of “Conquest Of The Universe” at the loft of John Vacarro and was promptly added to the cast of Drag Queens and Warhol Superstars in The Playhouse Of The Ridiculous. Ruby quickly rose to the major role of The Conqueror’s Queen playing opposite Mary Woronov as The Conquerer. She stayed with The Playhouse for many years starring in such roles as; “Heaven Grand In Amber Orbit” by Jackie Curtis and “Trilby in La Bohemia”, written and directed by the great John Vacarro. Ruby won The Drama Desk Award for Acting in La Bohemia.

Ruby sang in many Playhouse productions so she decided to start a band; Ruby And The Rednecks with musicians she had collaborated with. Her partner and co-writer, John Madera, with whom she wrote many satirical rock songs including some from The Playhouse. Ruby took her act to The Mercer Arts Center where she opened for The New York Dolls. This became The Glam Rock Movement which morphed into The Original Punk Scene at Max’s Kansas City and CBGB’s.

In the 1980’s Ruby collaborated with another Playhouse Alumnae, Gordon Bressack. They created musical shows such as “Voideville” and “Vandals of 1981”. Voideville was produced at Crystal Field’s Theater For The New City, and was an underground sensation.

In the early 1990’s, Ruby wrote, directed and starred in “Singing In The Island” (another big hit) and “Christmas In The Island”.

Her story is told in the Emmy Nominated Documentary, “Finishing Heaven” which appeared on HBO in 2008 and is currently available on Netflix.

To this day, Ruby continues to write, direct and perform in her show, “Singin’ In The ER” and plays with her band Ruby And The Rednecks.

Her most recent film appearance was as The Posse Queen in “Generation Um” directed by Mark Mann and starring Keanu Reeves.

 2017/2018  New City, New Blood readings season began November 2017.
Submissions for the season are now ongoing.